CBT and Feeling Good Dublin Ireland – Handout/excercise – A Thought/Fight or Flight guide…

CBTandFeelingGood.com – CBT Handout/excercise – A Thought/Fight or Flight guide…


FIGHT OR FLIGHT – So.. we now know your body joins in on the fun when you’re anxious and ‘seeing’ dangers and hazards everywhere …

Exercise: use the following guide to journal and catch when situations and irrational thinking cause upsettness (emotional & physical), all of which lead to self-defeating/self-sabotaging behaviours. Then confront the irrational with a dispute (there is no tiger… I feel sick because cortisol has… etc.). (This excercise is best done AFTER you have studied previous relevant posts.)

Situation Thinking/beliefs Feelings Behaviour




Fight or flight physiology – what is my body doing?              
Dispute and challenge thinking and beliefs about this situation?          
Preferred new thinking and behaviour?            

(Note: Print, or download a PDF CBTAFGHandout_fightorflightform, or create this on a blank sheet if you don’t wish to write in your handout / and for more room).

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