The Vicious Circle Thought Form – a CBT worksheet/handout

The ‘Vicious Circle of Thinking, Feeling & Behaving’ Template


stophandtext.jpgWhen stress becomes a disorder, we experience a shift in thinking to a ‘Negative Automatic Thinking‘ style when we’re processing events and what’s happening around us – this kind of  thinking leads to inappropriate levels of upsettness, which leads to self sabotaging behaviour – which adds to the initial problem and creates futher problems, and confirms the negative thinking that caused it, and so on and on and on, in a vicious circle.

Use the below template to identify and examine and challenge and change your own negative self talk and the resulting feelings and behaviours…

(You can download a PDF here: VICIOUSCIRCLETHOUGHTFORM – and here: ViciousCircleThoughFormFormat2)
















DISPUTE THOUGHTS & BELIEFS – Do I have evidence to support this? Do I have evidence against it? What is the effect of thinking the way I do? Is there another, more realistic, way of looking at this situation?











DEVISE NEW BEHAVIOUR – what new behaviour would fit the new realistic thinking, and have a better outcome for me?










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