Newsletters collection: Cognitive Behavioural Training and Mind Map Training Dublin Ireland

Scroll below… and simply click on the images to open a new window for any of the following hi-res zoomable newsletters for corporate training, workshops, and private sessions. Some are old, some are new. Note: bespoke seminars and training can be put together for any psychological ‘brain training’ needs, call to discuss or to request a quotation… (And click HERE to download a PDF of my workplace training brochure).

The links are not live on the PDF versions of monthly newsletters
Some of the SensorPro newsletters are out of date / purged and no longer live


Riwiring the brain newsletter thumbnail

Rewiring the brain newsletter

Thumbnail Newsletter2

Workplace Seminar Science of Cavemen in Suits Newsletter

Mindset Robot newsletter thumbnail

RobotHack Newsletter

Thumbnail newsletter4

PubicSpeakingAnxiety Newsletter

Intro Voucher Thumbnail


PubSpeakingMini newsletter thumbnail

Pub speaking newsletter mini

Notes Stats Stress worksplace newsletter thumbnail

Notes and stats on effect of workplace stress

Thumbnail Newsletter6

Intro to Mind Map and Visual Notes newsletter


BeRational newsletter thumbnail

Be Rational Newsletter

Burnt newsletter thumbnail

Burnt Newsletter2

Intro to Mind Mapping newsletter thumbnail

Intro to mind mapping newsletter

CBT in Boardroom newsletter thumbnail

HR infonewsletter CBT in the boardroom

School CBT newsletter thumbnail

School CBT workshop

Removing Barriers newsletter thumbnail

Removing Barriers CBT for employability newsletter

Thumbnail Newsletter1

CBT for Youth Confidence and employability newsletter

Thumbnail newsletter7

CBT for mindsets training newsletter




Workplace neuro-training: cognitive science seminars and workshops :



CogSci Mindset Training for the Workplace :



Elsevier Study Shows CBT Improves Employee Well Being



The CogSci workplace training program for executives


Workplace workshop: An introduction to Mind Maps & Visual Notes


Workplace workshop: the Cognitive Science of Public Speaking Skills :



Special Offer Intro Vouchers for Workplace EAP sessions :


HR info – visual data: the work related stress infographic


Fast Fun & Effective CogSci Mindset Workplace Training


The Workplace Short Seminar Series


The Science of Perception – a short seminar



HR iNfoNewsletter ‘The Human Species Design Flaw’ :


Free Training Needs Assessment for Bespoke Cogsci Programs


2 hour seminar on  ‘The Simple Science of Your Brain” :



‘Why happiness matters in the workplace, an academic view’ :



The  ‘Cognitive Science for Cavemen in Suits’ seminar :



Workplace Public Speaking Brainskills newsletter :



Workplace psychological training modules newsletter :



Growth Mindset Training



A HR iNfoNewsletter: Bringing CBT into the Boardroom:


The Cognitive Science of Happiness Workshop for Students/Schools



‘Removing Barriers to get Job Ready’ – Personal Development Workshops for the Unemployed:



Youth confidence training workshops for the unemployed:



Elsevier Study ‘CBT Improves  Well Being in All Measurements’:



A fast & fun introduction to mind mapping (group workshops, for companies/organisations):



Learn how to mind map – private one to one sessions in Dublin’s Camden St



Notes and Stats on Mental Health in the Workplace (group workshops):



OECD speak of concern about mental health in the workplace at this year’s Davos:



Simplifying LI CBT – private one-to-one sessions in Dublin:



Mind mapping and visual note taking workshop for interview preparation



The Corporate Cognitive Behavioral Training iNfo Newsletter




Lunch & Learn – Workplace Resilience Training



The negative effect of unemployment on mental health:




2 thoughts on “Newsletters collection: Cognitive Behavioural Training and Mind Map Training Dublin Ireland

  1. These worksheets are so relevant and well put-together. A wonderful resource to share with my clients! -Erica, therapist in CT


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