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Maybe you’d like to work with me online from wherever you are through Skype or Email?

It will be fast and effective using this CBT Blog as a resource.

The blog: I am a corporate trainer by background – which is a great fit for the psycho-educational model of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have written detailed but accessible articles here, they explain the core theory of CBT, plus I have created and included downloadable handouts and worksheets – together these will give us a great foundation for practical and directed email or Skype work together, that you can do at your own pace.

How will we do it?

You can click HERE to go to PayPal and purchase a session, or you can use the ContactUs page here on the blog, to give me your email and request that I email you a PayPal easy-link to purchase an introductory Skype session at €55. Make sure to give me the kind of days and times that suit you for the session, and I’ll give you a menu of options for session slots. You reply with your slot choice and confirmation that you’ve paid – and we do an introductory session…

  • We discuss and clarify your issues and I explain how psycho-educational CBT can help.
  • During our discussion I help you catch how you explain things to yourself, and we begin the discovery of any bad thinking habits and/or self sabotaging behaviours at play – at the end I give you homework to build awareness and management of your particular bad habits by directing you to what I believe are relevant posts and downloads (via an email follow up with links to my free resources).
  • You then use the theory posts and worksheets to think about your thinking in your own free time, … and we follow up organically with as many sessions as you like – booked each time only if you are getting a good return on the work…
  • … progressing the same way at each exchange.

You will learn by discovery through guided self help.
Engaged learners learn life changing skills that they can use for awareness and self management for the rest of their lives. Engage brain.
It’s a science, believe it.

All of the homework and handouts are based on best practice, and concentrate on the core theory and application of the new science of how we think and feel and behave. The sessions will develop naturally, organically – you do not have to commit to a set number of sessions if you don’t wish to, we can just let it happen over time – and if it proves of value to you, and benefits you in positive changes in how you think and feel and behave, (ideally with you being happier and cooler and calmer), then you continue the work (either with me, or through the blog, and a recommended reading list). Simple.



Click to purchase a one hour Skype or FaceTime session – €60

Pricing for an online session purchase: email me or use the contact page here to request a link for one of the following to be mailed to you:

Email exchange – you send one, I reply – €30
Skype session – 30 minutes – €40
Skype session – One hour – €60
[Telephone sessions – note that we can simply talk through free Skype audio and turn off the video]

Important: read and accept the following terms and conditions before purchase:

Terms and conditions for online sessions:

Disclaimer: The client is aware that the CBT & Feeling Good personal development workshops and sessions are not ‘psychological counselling’ or deep one to one psychotherapy. This introduction to the core theory and self help components of CBT does not treat illness or pathology. The client agrees that he/she is entering into a ‘personal development training’ session, whereby the client is responsible for their own decisions and results. The client also agrees to hold the trainer free from all liability for any actions or results for adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a referral or other advice given by the trainer.

Booking a session means you accept the following :

  • You are over 18.
  • You do not have suicidal thoughts or an extreme emotional health disorder.
  • You (and in turn, I) understand and accept that technology can fail, broadband can fall, skype can stutter, and so on – CBT and Feeling Good will not be responsible for delays or failure in performance resulting from acts beyond our control.
  • I use and host my own website and email, so offer confidentiality – and given that this is not deep traditional psychotherapy, I do not keep extensive notes, and am happy to double delete correspondence when our client relationship (care plan) comes to an end if you wish.
  • CBT and Feeling Good retain proprietary rights and copyright on all materials used in the online training/therapy. It is not to be resold/distributed.
  • Payment is through Paypal.
  • 24 hours notice of cancellation is required for telephone or video conference cancellations.
  • Email exchanges are very flexible – I guarantee a speedy reply (within two days of receipt of the email, but with the aim for a same day reply if received before 3pm.)
  • You’ve got to do the work!

Contact (if you have any questions, or for further information): –

Veronica Walsh

CBT and Feeling Good

Camden House, 7 Upper Camden Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Telephone: 353 86 8113031







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