A CBT look at Emotional Reasoning and Thought Stopping


“I feel bad, therefore it is bad…”


Emotional reasoning is one of the most common bad habits. It is when we judge situations according to how we FEEL, not on evidence or rational thinking. But feelings are not facts…

Do you fear that you use emotional reasoning too often?

You are not alone – and CBT can help you to make positive changes – teaching you skills to literally change your mind to change your feelings, and ultimately change your life…





Which of the following are your major Unhelpful Thinking Habits? Familiarise yourself with these terms, and use them to develop a shorthand to help interrupt your upsettness (e.g.: ‘Ah I’m fortune telling again, that’s a bit silly, I haven’t actually got a clue what way this will go, in fact there is evidence against my immediate reaction…’)

UNHELPFULTHINKINGHABITSHave a browse around this blog for more posts and exercises.

Go to my website: www.CBTandFeelingGood.com

Download this exercise as a one page PDF (and put it on your fridge): EmotionalReasoningPDF

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