The Mind Map for the NCIRL ‘7 Deadly Sins’ speaking event:

An example of one of my mind maps, created for a public speaking engagement.

Date: 20th November 2013

Event title: “‘Seven Deadly Sins – Greed – Realise Your Ambition: How to Get to the Top and Stay There.” for the National College of Ireland and the Metro Newspaper.

nciLogoI was a guest speaker for the NCIRL/Metro young business leaders seminar, giving my practical tips on how to ‘get to the top’.

Among my tips was to learn how to mind map. I told the audience I had prepared my whole speech as a mind map, and that it was imprinted on my brain for comfortable and easy recall, and I was literally SEEING it and using it as I stood there before them on the stage. (I wasn’t using slides or any other props). I told them to google me VERONICA WALSH and NCIRL and MIND MAP then and there to view it to see how it worked, and…. this is the landing page.

It looks silly? It’s not. It’s a science, believe it. MORE ON MINDMAPPING.


This is the the mind map I created and used for the NCIRL/Metro 7 Deadly Skills event – click on it to enlarge. (Regular visitors, please feel free to ignore – I’m posting this for attendees of the event to see how Mind Mapping works as a prep tool for public speaking… and yes, I know there’s a typo in googleable – cheers!).

It’s absolutely possible for you to teach yourself to mind map – google youtubes of Tony Buzan and other practitioners, and all good bookshops will have several ‘how to mind map’ books in stock too.

Or, you might book training. Click HERE for more information and my training options.

(Among the top tips I gave at the seminar: learn rational thinking skills with CBT, and learn how to understand and manage your body  (physiological anxiety / neuroscience and flight or flight), and learn how to do public speaking – not ‘style’, but rather how to understand and manage public speaking anxiety, so that you will say yes and do it!, and several other tips…).

2 thoughts on “The Mind Map for the NCIRL ‘7 Deadly Sins’ speaking event:

  1. Really enjoyed listening to you speak at The 7 Deadly Skills event. Was intrigued by the mind mapping idea, and delighted to see it in all it’s glory, complete with Noonan, ass and all. Thanks again, Jed ( the Druid guy ).


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