Learn how to mind map – the brain tool to gather, process, store and recall information…

brain_avenue_homepage_ctMy work is about how to use our brains more efficiently – not just around psychological health, but also in how our brains process and store and recall information – the tool I teach for this is ‘mind mapping’ and ‘visual note taking’.

For many people – whether the task is an interview, a presentation, public speaking, business meetings, exams, whatever – gathering and processing and storing and recalling information is ‘hard’, an ‘unpleasant task’, and we often don’t do it very well.

mindmaphomebuttonLearn to do it well with Mind Mapping – equip yourself with new smarter learning, and unlearn the way you were taught to approach information and data in school. Work in a way that your brain likes, in a way that works.

Use it to take brilliant notes, or to prepare for business meetings, pitches, interviews, public speaking/presentations, or exams… ANYTHING that requires gathering and processing and association and recall of information.

Click to enlarge...


A classic mind map example, click to enlarge…


An example of a mind map I created for a public speaking engagement. Click to open the post with the full size option.

Upskill with this proven learning and recall tool, that helps us to use our brains in a non-linear way – to organise and store and recall data ‘visually’ – mapping information using keywords and associations and images and colour, all on one efficient page, to outline the things you want to say in a way that your brain loves and will lock in for imprint and easy confident recall.

You don’t have to be great at drawing – and you don’t have to be great at using computers, your brain ‘gets it’ and goes with it – and my training will enable you to create ‘old school’ maps, with coloured markers and paper, as well as equipping you with understanding that will transfer to any mapping apps or software for devices or computers.

Mind mapping enables:

  • a more efficient way of mapping information onto paper or devices or computers
  • deeper discovery and understanding of the information
  • a natural and efficient way of organising and storing associated information
  • easier recall of the information
  • an ‘one page’ data map rather than reams of linear notes & bullet points.

It works. It’s a science. Believe it.






ANYBODY can mindmap.


If you’d like to listen to a short radio interview I did with 4FM on the basics of CBT, while looking at the mindmap / visual notes I created to prepare for the interview, click on my soundcloud below, while looking at the mindmap below it (click on the image to open a larger hi res image)…




Email: info@cbtandfeelinggood.com
or call Veronica Walsh at 086 8113031 for more information.

TESTIMONIALS: Does this training give a return on investment? What clients say …
Veronica Walsh presented Mind Mapping to a staff group from three organisations and delivered an interesting and stimulating session which captured the basics of visual note taking and presentation in a half day event. Participants were engaged throughout and found the creation of relevant mind maps in a group setting  a valuable way to embed the learning.Anne Biddulph, South Dublin County Partnership I can highly recommend Veronica Walsh who was a guest speaker at my first year Critical Thinking and Independent Learning Skills Module at Dublin City University (DCU). Veronica took the class for a seminar on Mind Mapping and Visual Note Taking and her presentation was both stimulating and engaging.Dr Jane Suiter, School of Communications, DCU Veronica is a gifted trainer whose down-to-earth approach is tailored for every client. Brilliantly perceptive and generous with her time and talent, she makes a real difference to those with whom she worksDr Sheila Killian, Head of Dpt Accounting & Finance, UL


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