CBT for online dating: my contribution to the book Leap Year

Bestselling author Helen Russell has written a new book ‘Leap Year‘, about ‘how to be more resilient and change your life for good’ – in it she gets guided self help advice from various experts, and then she, or her willing guinea pigs, try out the advice and report outcomes and results – in a fun and very real and useful way.

I contributed in the Relationships chapter as the ‘CBT for online dating’ expert.

Below is an extract with my bit – click on each pageset to open a new window with a high resolution readable image – or download an easyread PDF here: FILE – and/or if you want more you’ll have to buy the book!:



Did you like that? Kick back and play the YouTube of Helen giving a GoogleTalk about Leap year here:



Maybe you would like to try an online CBT session with me? Click here to purchase…


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