CBT tips: the questions to ask of your ‘distorted stress thinking’…

3dglassesdinosaursTips to ask yourself about crooked thinking before you ‘thought-stop and reframe’ using rational thinking skills :


  • Am I using one of my Bad Thinking Habits?

  • Which one?

  • What is the evidence for this thought or belief?

  • Is there any evidence against it?

  • Am I getting things out of proportion?

  • Is that a bit dramatic and unhelpful?

  • How does accepting these thoughts and beliefs make me feel and behave?

  • Has thinking this way been helpful in life so far, or a poison?

  • What would I advise my best friend if they were thinking this way?

  • What is the rational calm alternative view of this situation?

  • What is it more true to say?

Explore this in a deeper way using the ABCD exercise

Download a simple one page ThoughtForm: CBTAFG_ThoughtReframeForm

Download this post as a PDF: TipsToQuestionThinking

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