This CBT exercise will help you to track & map self-sabotaging things that you DO.



Check out the below templates of ABC examples – they map how your perception of a situation or event causes your feelings and behaviours in response to it (‘ABC’ standing for: Activating Event – Beliefs and Thoughts about the event – Consequential Feelings and Behaviours).

For this exercise consider that your behaviour might be self limiting and self defeating – and that this behaviour might become a bad habit in the future, which traps you in a vicious circle of bad outcomes.


Self Sabotage ABC template

What would be the outcome of the above kind of behaviour? Do you think this person would get what they want, and that this response is cool and rational?

How about this one?


Exam Anxiety ABC model2

Use this model to guide you in creating awareness to identify where you might have distorted unhelpful behavioural habits that appear to be justified and righteous, but are in fact based on distorted thinking and feeling. Changing the things you do can change how you feel and how you think. Self management is smart.

Start journalling and catching where and when you have self sabotaging habits that give you bad outcomes, and set about changing the habit to get better outcomes – ‘do different’ – (and reframe the thoughts that contribute to the situation, and remember that feelings are not facts).


If you dispute and cool down your beliefs and thoughts (how you explain things to yourself) do you think that might help you to respond with productive behaviours instead? Design new responses to stressful situations. Be cool. 



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