Chronological (best) ordering of posts so you have a beginning, a middle, and an end…


See below a listing of some my posts  – following this order, from beginning to end, will be the most efficiently helpful to you in understanding CBT and APPLYING it to yourself (theory is all well and good, but there is no big change without APPLICATION).

These principles can be applied no matter what the  disorder may be – stress, depression, general anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, phobias, whichever – in fact it should be taught in schools as a practical ‘guide to living’ and for great personal development – there is nobody that wouldn’t benefit from this knowledge and practice.

Posts 1 to 10 explain how and why you think and feel and behave the way you do – and subsequent dippy inny posts give you strategies and exercises to help you to learn calm rational thinking skills, and to understand and alter self sabotaging behaviours, and to gain a greater understanding of the primal physiology of our response to life – it’s a science, believe it. Learn to be happy, literally.

IMPORTANT… don’t forget to use the  Download Free CBT Worksheets/Handouts page too. CBT is an evidence based psycho-educational model that takes commitment and application, but it is more fascinating than effort, and is worth every minute.

Okay, good luck!

  1. CBT Intro
  2. Fight or Flight
  3. When Stress Becomes a Disorder
  4. Vicious Circle of Negative Thinking
  5. Bad thinking habits – snapshot examples and solutions
  6. The Science of Feelings (aka deregulation of our nervous systems)
  7. The Albert Ellis Irrational Beliefs Table
  8. 12 Irrational Beliefs and Disputing Statements
  9. Understanding Common Thinking Errors
  10. Another CBT Look at Common Irrational Thinking Habits
  11. The ABC of CBT – starter exercise…
  12. A CBT Journaling / Thought Form Guide Template
  13. A Quick CBT look at the brain’s design flaw and psychosocial stress
  14. — ‘Demand’ Thinking
  15. A CBT Look at the Language of Battling Demons
  16. A CBT look at crooked thinking and being the cause of our own upsettness
  17. Do Thoughts Cause Feelings?
  18. The Stress Disorder and Self Sabotaging Behaviours Table Checklist
  19. A Quick CBT look at Low Frustration Tolerance (losing the head easily)
  20. Managing ‘Emotional Reasoning’ with Thought Stopping
  21. Breathe breathe breathe. Learn the skill and quell your anxiety.
  22. An easy start in The Basics of Mindfulness
  23. A CBT look at Maslow’s Characteristics of Self Actualisers
  24. A CBT look at Fight or Flight, when the tail wags the dog…
  25. Using the Mindfulness ‘Just Noting’ thought stopping technique with CBT…
  26. Silencing your Inner Critic
  27. –  Accurate Self-assessment (Self-esteem)
  28. Social Anxiety – Shyness & CBT
  29. Negative Visualisation & Living in the Present
  30. Constantly Seeking Reassurance
  31. Using the Mindfulness ‘Just Noting’ Thought Stopping Technique
  32. Communication Skills / Listening with Cognitive Awareness
  33. The Simple ABC of CBT Student Workbook Extract
  34. CBT & Interview Anxiety
  35. CBT & Dating
  36. CBT in the Workplace
  37. Smart Coping Skills for The Unemployed
  38. Public Speaking Anxiety
  39. Thought-stop & Relax with Mindfulness
  40. A Mindmap of a CBT Workshop
  41. Download Free CBT Worksheets/Handouts
  42. Self-medicating With Alcohol 
  43. —  CBT Fight or Flight Journaling Handout
  44. The Negative Effect of Unemployment on Mental Health



….. and: download CBT handouts
HERE. Apply apply apply.


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