The Brain post: a short CBT tour of it’s chemical role in our responses…

Beautifulbrainart1A CBT tour of our amazing brain…

 Take a journey through the following links for accessible short posts explaining our brain’s chemical role in how we view and respond to events:


Did you know that stress in childhood can literally restructure the brain so that the fear centre is strengthened and always on the lookout and first on the scene even when it’s not warranted?



Did you know that when we develop anxiety, our primal fight or flight physical response, (to anything the brain irrationally concludes is a danger or a hazard to us), is routinely inappropriately triggered?



Did you know that neuroscience knowledge has leaped and bounded in the last 10 years, and that we now know the brain is ‘rewireable’ – and that we can restructure it through ‘learning and doing’.



Did you know that a simple ‘just noting’ mindfulness technique can help you to thought stop, and pause the fear centre, and reframe situations with your rational centre?




Did you know that a simple ‘belly breathing’ technique will help you to return your body to homeostasis/balance (manage your physical anxiety) during fight or flight?


 Interested in restructuring your brain through ‘learning and doing’? Learn the theory and apply the practice of CBT, starting HERE.

Good luck. And have fun.

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