The mind is the brain which is attached to the nervous system: a CBT tour….

Think about your thinking… a new fast introduction to cognitive science for civilians:


From the moment you are born, you collect experiences and build memories that help you to evaluate and navigate the world. (Evaluation, filtering, perception).

Your brain uses these experiences to build neural pathways – automatic information chains of data in your brain – which kick in as you think about, or enter, situations that you have evaluated and labelled and stored (encoded) as challenging, or bad, or uncomfortable, or a threat in the past – and activate the physiological threat response (fight or flight / pump up). (‘Conditioning’, default responses).



This is pretty efficient – and explains how the human species survived, collecting data and storing it –  “is that good or bad?” “Is that safe or dangerous?”… If something is ‘bad’ or ‘dangerous’ (or rather if we perceived it to be bad or dangerous because of how it made us feel and behave), we label it as a negative event, and store it in our brain with an instruction to activate the PUMP UP physiology when exposed to it. Boom. Fight or flight.



But… are all of your default responses and neural pathways rational and healthy? Or are some of them distorted by faulty memories, or an aggressive nervous system (feelings)? Does your central nervous system activate in unhelpful ways when it shouldn’t?

If you are a member of the human species, the answer is undoubtedly yes, at least in some situational anxiety issues, whether low, moderate, or high.

To find out more, check out CBT (cognitive behavioural training)  – the psycho-educational model of ‘rational thinking skills’ and evidence based cognitive science that teaches engaged learners life changing skills that stay with them forever. Become your own therapist with this guided self help practical tool. It’s as simple as ABC…


Browse through my practical chronological collection outline of articles : HERE

And/or check out these neuropsychology posts to get up to speed on how humans are wired to think and feel and behave, and how that wiring can be a bit haywire – (I read everything so you don’t have to, and I turn cognitive science into easy training via information posts and homework):



The human species design flaw – ‘pumping up’ instead of cooling down for the everyday modern life of social threats.



The Science of Feelings (aka how stress deregulates your nervous system)



The neural circuitry of memories and conditioning (stress disorders)


And/or lastly: use my free downloadable homework page – over half a million views and used by mental health professionals all over the world – it is practical, and it works. Good luck, and enjoy!


Download free CBT worksheets and handouts (easy read and print PDF format)


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