The stress disorder and self sabotaging behaviour checklist table….

A quick stress disorder check list:

This post helps you to evaluate known indicators of stress against how you feel, how you think and how you behave –

stressballsmileyHave a look at the table below (click the image to open an easy to read large image popup) – can you recognise yourself there?  If your answers to most of the questions are yes, your stress has likely become an actual anxiety disorder that is causing you poor quality of life, and  it is time to take the situation seriously and take steps to fix it. Whether your anxiety is low or moderate or high, it is a real disorder, and it is fixable.

Take a trip to your GP and have a chat about it if you feel you need professional help. And you can begin to explore the self help components of the world’s fastest growing, extremely practical, evidence based psychotherapy, CBT, right here on this blog. Effectively learning the skills to become your own therapist and take care of yourself…


Click on this image to open an easy to view large popup window for easy ready…



Note: If it has been this way for some time, you may have normalised your anxiety, thinking it’s just how it is, that it’s just how you are, that it’s just how the world is.. But it’s not. And it’s not ‘just you’, and it’s not your fault. You’re almost certainly suffering the effects of stress, it is a real condition, and it’s fixable – and you don’t need to feel ashamed – there are a millions of people around the world right now in the same boat.

Mental health does not discriminate, anybody’s coping skills can break. CBT will help you to understand and manage your ‘thinking, and feeling, and behaviour’ in practical and proven ways.

Live your life well. Think different, feel different, behave different… Put the work in and change your life.

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